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  Why do Businesses Love Us?

JoeClient helps businesses screen potential clients to help decide whether, or not, to work for them. Or, to help determine estimating and pricing. This client information is invaluable as a protective measure for businesses.

We ask the BIG THREE . . .

Does the client have reasonable expectations?

Does the client honor their financial obligations?

Would the business work for them again?

JoeClient Ratings Help Businesses Avoid Problem Clients

How Do I Find a Prospective Client?

Enter the client’s address in the search bar.

A list of addresses will come up.

Click on the address that matches your client.

Clients listed as “unknown” have not received ratings yet. Click on "Send Information Request" to alert JoeClient businesses in your zipcode that you are looking for information on that client.

The map will show you the location of the client's property.

The link to "Property Information" takes you right to the assessor's website.




How Do I Rate My Clients?

To make our JoeClient community of businesses work, we need your ratings.

It's completely anonymous and we made it as fast and easy as possible to get your valuable feedback out to other businesses.

To rate a client. . .

Enter your client’s address in the search box.

Click on the address that matches your client.

Click on the “Ratings” button.

Click on “Add Rating.”

Enter the client’s name and phone number and answer three quick questions.

Voila, your done!

The more ratings you enter the more free subscription you earn!


Want Even More Information About a Client?

JoeClient allows you to reach out to businesses who have rated a client to ask them for more information.

By clicking on the “Email This Business” link, an email will be sent directly to them.

Because we know that total anonymity is important in this process, they will see your email address but you will not be able to see theirs. 

Responding to your request is completely up to the rating business. (so write a really nice request)

JoeClient's founders wanted to give you a way to talk directly with other companies to get the full "low-down" on a client and this how we're doing it so take advantage of it!


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